What to do with a Sugar Craving?

Not to feed it with sugar related foods. Excess sugar, carbs, and alcohol will feed the craving. The more sugar you consume via cookies, soda pop, candy, ice cream, cakes, etc. the more sugar you want. Why? Candida yeast exists naturally in our body. It gets out of control when we feed it and thus it will multiply exponetially.

If you’ve ever baked bread or made pizza dough from scratch, we know that we add warm water to the yeast granules plus one more ingredient. Do you know what that ingredient is? If you guessed sugar, you are correct. Once you add sugar to the yeast and water mixture, you will notice the yeast expanding. Kneading the yeast mixture to the flour ingredients will expand the dough. That is exactly what happens in our body. Yeast multiplies and expands when we add sugar foods.

So how do we manage sugar cravings? Here are some ways:

  1. The key is to respond with a protein immediately. That will settle the sugar craving. Protein is like adding a log on the fire. It’s slow-burning and satisfies the craving. If you eat sugar foods, that is like placing kindling on the fire. It will burn up quickly and leave you desiring for more.
  2. Drastically reduce starches, sugars, and alcohol.
  3. Use supplements to get in under control. Supplements like anti-fungal, anti-candida most likely have ingredients like garlic, or pau d’arco, etc. to keep the candida yeast under control.
  4. On a metaphysical level, do you think: Woe is me? Are you thinking negatively? Are you trying to bring “sweetness” in your life? Keep your mind focused on the positive. Be positive on your health goals. Don’t succumb to drama and that life is not great. Your mind is controlling your whole body. Your body follows exactly what your mind is saying.

It’s a life work. It’s the break down and decay within your own body. The moment you are born, you start the aging process. What will accelerate break down? A diet with high starch, alcohol, antibiotics, and sugar. And a negative mind.

Excess candida is related to women, men, and children. If you have a beer belly even if you’re not drinking beer, you most likely have excess candida. Excess candida can cause any or a combination of the following:

eczema, psoriasis, toenail fungus, joint/muscular pain, acne, asthma, weight gain, leaky gut syndrome (pot belly), memory challenges, parasites, allergies, anxiety, depression, gas, bloating, headaches, fatique, low libido, hormone imbalances, ringing in the ears, etc.

Most medical doctors will not know about candida yeast. Holistic doctors and professionals will know. You’re in the driver seat in your physical body. How are you driving?