What is all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde?

The mere mention of Mercury Retrograde tends to induce panic and distress for many people. They instantly starting thinking that their computers are going to crash, technology is going to go haywire, and communication is going to be misconstrued. Feelings are going to be hurt. Misunderstandings are going to take place. Yikes, get me out of this Mercury Retrograde! Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year, so sometimes people feel like they just ended one Mercury Retrograde, only to be thrown into another stormy whirlwind. Some people dread the thought of approaching Mercury Retrograde. No, not again!

Whenever Mercury Retrograde appears in your astrological sign, it means that you will have more than the usual glitches and communication mishaps that happen for the rest of us.

Yet, instead of going into hibernation or a secure underground shelter, you can look at things through a different lens. Perception is reality and how you perceive Mercury Retrograde will certainly affect your level of discomfort. Besides, the Law of Attraction states that what you place your attention on is what you attract, so thinking about a chaotic, crazy time during Mercury Retrograde will probably lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of crazy times ahead!

In order to successfully navigate your way through Mercury Retrograde, there are a few facts you need to know first. Mercury Retrograde is a period when it appears as if the planet Mercury is traveling backwards in the sky. Because the planets are orbiting the Sun and each planet has an elliptical orbit, the planets (from the standpoint of the Earth) appear to stop, move backward, and then proceed forward when they are farthest away from the Sun. When Mercury is at its slowest point in its orbit, the Earth is moving faster and Mercury is slowing down, creating an optical illusion of backward motion. It is very interesting to note that all planets go retrograde, not just Mercury. For some reason, we all “freak out” about Mercury.  At any given time in the year, one or more planets are in retrograde, and each planet retrograde has a specific meaning for how your life is going!

Hence, we need to undo all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde, because it’s not any more spectacular than any other planet retrograde. It is simply that we notice Mercury Retrograde more, putting the Law of Attraction into play. If you start looking for something, then all of a sudden, you see it everywhere! Have you ever noticed that?

While it is true that we may experience more than the average communication and technology glitches, we can choose to focus our attention on something else and not give it any more energy than it deserves. If we wrap a lot of drama around communication mishaps, then the “sky is falling” because we have put so much time and energy into creating drama. Whenever there is a communication mishap, then simply acknowledge it, be grateful for the experience and the learning lesson, and quickly move on to better situations.

We can also call upon Mercury/Hermes for assistance. Mercury (aka Hermes in Roman mythology), is the official Messenger of God to Humans. He is the interpreter that bridges the two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. We can call upon Mercury/Hermes during meditation and prayer to assist us in correct interpretations and clear communication. He wears shoes with wings, so he can travel between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Mercury/Hermes also helps travelers have safe journeys, so he is especially helpful for any type of traveling at this time.

We can even call upon the planet Mercury for guidance. We can ask planet Mercury to guide us through the retrograde with ease and grace.

Finally, Mercury Retrograde can be a great time to slow down, take a deep breath, and think twice about what you say, type (watch you’re tweeting and posting!), and sign (don’t sign on the dotted line impulsively for any contracts or large purchases). Take this time to reflect about what is happening and what is truly important in your life. When Mercury goes direct and everything gets sorted out, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to be reflective and cautious.

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