The Answers are There, But You’ve Got to Listen

The Answers are There, But You’ve Got to Listen

This article is in memory of my precious Yang. Thanks for you love and spirit.

listening 3We all have a Divine Support Team. When I finally got this, there was a sense of freedom, a sense that I was not alone. I often tell my students and clients that we came from God before we came into the world as we humanly know it. And just because we came here, God doesn’t say: “Okay my dear; you’re on your own now. I will leave you to yourself and good luck.” This would be absurd. Instead we have many spiritual beings as helpers. We can call upon them at any time. Whether they are angels, guides, or spirits we have resources. We simply call upon them for help and they are there. It’s so simple. They cannot interfere with our free will. This was a lesson I had to learn the longer way.

When I decided to come out of the spiritual closet about 20 years ago, I needed to work through many issues such as friends disagreeing with me and with my beliefs. People thought I was odd since I believed in the “woo-woo” stuff. They thought I was strange and confused. Strange—not. However, I was confused.

I believed in angels, but they were not instantaneously there to help me. What gives? I kept meditating over and over again, communicating with them and telling them that I needed help. Why did they not appear to rescue me? They kept repeating the annoying statement over and over again. “We can’t interfere with your freewill.”

I would respond, “Please do. I need your help 24/7. Where are you when I need you?” Again they responded that they could not interfere.

Well this was really making me angry. One day I was livid, but I decided to calm down and meditate deeper in order to have a one-on-one with my guardian angel. My guardian angel added, “If we interfere with your freewill, then we will be living your life. You need to live your own life. We will come to you when you ask us.”

At that point I got it–reluctantly. However I got it. I say “reluctantly” because I am the type of person that wants to get things done as efficiently as possible, and being efficient means there should be an understanding that help is always appreciated. However, this spirituality thing was still new to me and I decided to go for it. From then on, I invited my angels everywhere I went, every move I made, every time I thought of them. They were always invited. I realized how much easier my life became. I felt their comfort, guidance, whispers, touch, enlightenment, teachings, etc. I felt it all.

I was truly amazed on how easy it was. I simply had to invite them in and there they were. Meditation became the key for connection. I also learned that when I was done with them, I had to release them and express gratitude. I thanked them. Wow! That was it!

As I honed my connection with Source (namely God), my life purpose became obvious. It was to help others especially for their life purpose and so my practice took off since I was living my life with purpose and passion. I attracted many people who were looking for the same things. Answers to these questions: “Why am I here? What is my life purpose?”

So one day, Jennifer came to me one day for spiritual career coaching. She wanted to move out of accounting and do something more exciting with her life. She said, “You know Tina, I pray and pray, but I never get any answers to my prayers. I don’t love what I do and I know there must be something greater and more fulfilling for me to do in my life.”

At that moment, her spirit guide showed up. He informed me that he did answer Jennifer’s prayers, but she didn’t listen to the answers. As a matter of fact, she didn’t want the answers he’d given, and so she dismissed them.

“Jennifer I believe that you’re praying,” I said, “but are you listening to the answers?”

“Well I try,” she said “but I don’t get any.”

“Your spirit guide is telling me that he has placed certain thoughts in your head. These are your answers. Does this make sense for you?”

“Well, I don’t think I’ve been getting them.” Jennifer persisted.

“He is telling me that working with animals is part of your life purpose. Does this resonate with you?”

“Yes it does,” she responded with excitement. “As matter of fact, I keep seeing many animals around me especially dogs and cats. I am at peace when I’m around animals. I feel real happy every time I go by the veterinarian hospital near my house. I sometimes have the urge to go in but I don’t.”

“So what you’re telling me is that you’ve been getting messages about your purpose as well as feelings and emotions associated with them right?”

“I guess so,” Jennifer said.

“So how did you expect to receive this message Jennifer? Through an email, text or postal service?”

We both chuckled. “You know Tina you’re right. I probably thought it had to be this big thing; the sky would open and down would come my answer, my purpose.”

“Well you know it was sort of like that Jennifer. You were the antenna to receive all this guidance. However you dismissed it. You expected for it to be different when, in fact, it was not what you’re accustomed to.”

“It feels real good regarding animals,” Jennifer continued. “I am totally thrilled. However how do I do that? I cannot leave my current job since I make good money.”

“Now that is a different story,” I replied. “For today we found your pathway. We will work on the next steps.”

I continued to work with Jennifer on how to accomplish her next steps. She took a part-time job in the veterinary hospital acquiring skills and knowledge while still maintaining her accounting position. Two years later, she had saved up enough money to resign from her accounting job. And her love of animals coupled with all her accounting and business skills allowed her to open a pet care service. She is now happier than ever. She is living her dream. Are you?


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