Online Guidance/Readings/Coaching

Online Guidance, Readings & Coaching

Tina will answer four questions in one reading. Please make sure your questions are as specific as possible in order to enable a better focused email reading. Each question will receive a personal, original answer based on the messages Tina receives for you and emailed to you personally from Tina.

When you write your questions please consider the following:

  1. Need your full name (the name you go by today) and date of birth.
  2. If there is another person involved please provide their full name (the name s/he goes by today) and date of birth.
  3. Please do not focus on where or when questions so that you will get more than a one word answer. Working with me maybe different than working with others. I am not a fortune teller nor do I predict although I am highly intuitive and will often give you future insight. I don’t predict because you have the power to change  your future by the next thought or next action you take. I will guide you in your growth and to connect with your heart’s desires. As a coach, I will tune into what you want to create in your life and develop the “next” step.  I am here to support and guide you along your personal path….to your calling and greatness.
  4. Make sure questions are clear and and concise.

You are guaranteed a response within 7 days or we will contact you.

Tina will offer you guidance via email. This is a great gift for yourself, friend or loved one.