Emotional Body FEEL Formula

Tina’s FEEL Formula — the directions to “emotional” health. Flexible —go with the flow in life. Focus on the positive & not our weaknesses. Create fun. Energize to create ease and enjoy all emotions. Engage yourself in positive situations and people. Evolve and emerge to the best you. Love. Live. Laugh!  

Physical Body FOOD Formula

Tina’s FOOD Formula — the directions to “physical” health. Flexible and focused to try fresh and flavorful foods. Organic opportunities – supporting our local farmers and businesses. Optimal health is the goal…be optimistic and open-minded. Do it!  Discipline yourself.  You deserve it!  

Today’s word is PEACE

What does Peace mean to you? How do you express peace? I believe that peace begins with me.  It’s about thinking peace, feeling peace, breathing peace, tasting peace, hearing, smelling peace, and so on. If I don’t resonate with peace, then it’s not possible for me to own it, express it, teach it, or even …

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