You Are Powerful!

This incarnation is NOT for wimps. It’s for powerful people like you who chose to be here. Make it count and valuable. Find the gems hidden inside you. Make tomato soup from the tomatoes thrown our way and enjoy! Sending you all bright Light and blessings your way. Namaste


A dreamer looks beyond the limits of today to the possibilities of tomorrow and sees what can be instead of settling for what is. A dreamer imagines the most wonderful new things and then finds a way to make them real. A dreamer knows that stars were made to wish upon and that wishes do …



Pendulum Dowsing Basics By Tina Sacchi Click here for a Dowsing Video Dowsing is a technique that has been used since ancient times for locating hidden water wells, metals, and gemstones. A Y-shaped wooden twig or metal divining rods are used to guide dowsers to the location where water or earth objects can be …

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Parsnip Salad

Use organic…raw…fresh…when possible Note For the Cauliflower Croquettes recipe, see previous recipe posting. Parsnip is a root vegetable and has no saturated fat, a good source of potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate and manganese. Many people see this in the produce section and don’t know what to prepare …

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Tina’s Cauliflower Croquettes

Use organic…raw…fresh…when possible I know this is not raw however eating cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower may need to be cooked for some people for digestion reasons. Ingredients: one head cauliflower, steamed 1-2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3 Tablespoons flax seed meal 1-2 Tablespoon Italian seasoning salt and pepper to taste 1 beaten egg Directions: …

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