Are You Trusting the Seeds You are Planting?

The Gardener and the Seed

The Gardener

When you are in the garden and pick a seed to plant, you already have an approximate image of what the seed will turn into. For example, if you have seeds for growing carrots, you already have a mental picture of the end result. Carrots are orange and have lots of green leaves at the top. You want to use it for a salad or a stew, or maybe to feed your pets. In order to get a carrot, you need to plant it and nurture it for a while. It doesn’t come right away. There is a period of waiting for the carrot to grow before it materializes.

First, you need proper soil for the seed to grow. You prepare and fertilize the soil to maximize the size of the carrot you want to grow. You also give it space. Without any space and room, it can’t grow. Then you lay it in the ground and give it plenty of water. It certainly can’t survive in a barren, dried-up environment. You put soil over the top and it is invisible for a while. You don’t even know it’s there, so you mark the spot with a carrot label, to remind yourself. And then you go about your business, doing other things.

The Seed

The seed is below the ground in a very dark place. It craves nourishment, attention, and water, each and every day. It sits there waiting for all its basic needs, so it can survive. Soon, the seed starts to change. It opens up and a tiny sprout starts rising up. It is still in darkness, but reaching upward, because that’s the only direction it can grow. It really doesn’t know if it will ever get out of the darkness, but it keeps pushing and hoping for something different than the darkness. The little sprout wiggles through the dirt. It sees a little tiny bit of light poking through the darkness. The soil is shifting for the sprout to come out of the dirt. Alas, it has surfaced and arrived into the light. It is bathed and nourished in the warm sunlight. It feels the water being sprinkled on it. In the fresh air and the sunlight, it rejoices and grows and grows to become a large carrot.

The law of manifestation is essentially a mirror image of the story of the gardener and the seed.  (the image of the carrot). You can even create a vision board (carrot label) or a journal to remind yourself of the dream. Then, give it space to grow in your mind and in your life. Imagine that you are already living your dream. Give your dream the mind space that it needs to sprout. (If your mind is cluttered with many other things not related to your dream, it’s so much harder for that dream to sprout and become a reality.) You can even create a physical space (such as clearing out the garage to fit a new car).

Then, let it go (just like putting soil on the seed and letting it sit in darkness for a little while, unseen). You might even forget about it altogether at times, except for the vision board reminder or the journal that you created. At times, you can think about how nice it would be to have your dream come true (like savoring the moment when you’ll be able to eat a fresh handpicked carrot from the garden).

While you’re waiting for the dream to materialize, don’t stress too much about it. For example, you don’t really stress about the seed becoming a carrot. Instead, you plant it and let it go. Then, one day, you wake up and check on your seed and you see the carrot. If you’re not paying close attention to the soil, you might even think that the seed became a carrot overnight, as if by magic. When the seed is in darkness, you never worry about “how” it will become a carrot. In fact, it is very mysterious and magical how a seed turns into a carrot. You simply let divine nature take care of itself and you trust that as long as you provide space, food, and water, the seed will become a carrot.

Manifestation blocks occur when:

  • You don’t feed your dream. Set a time and space for visualization and positive affirmations, preferably through a daily meditation practice.
  • You don’t let go. This is one of the biggest blocks to manifestation. You want to control the outcome, which instantly blocks the dream. Can you imagine telling a carrot seed HOW it needs to grow, according to your limited set of beliefs? The carrot would die without having the magical element of natural order and mystery. Stop stressing and let the Universe work out HOW your dream will materialize.
  • You don’t give your dream the mental and physical space it needs. Get rid of all the clutter that blocks your dream from coming true. When you meditate, clear your mind of all the mind chatter and focus on your dream through focused visualization. Declutter your house so new things can fit in your house. If your mind and house are stuffed with clutter, there is no room for anything to materialize and grow.

And so it is!

4 thoughts on “Are You Trusting the Seeds You are Planting?”

  1. Yes, and “decluttering” can refer to letting-go-of toxic people and of toxic “draining” relationships, which poison your seeds. After doing so, you will feel that you are vibrating at a higher frequency which will then “feed your seeds”. Fear not

    1. Sissi

      Absolutely, we need to declutter people, places, things and drama!

      All blessings to you!

  2. Cherie L Thomas

    This is an excellent read. So much to mediate upon. I focused on those thoughts that I should let go and ‘let God.’ Reading this I became more aware of the mind clutter and the emptying process necessary if I intend to lease my office. Thank you for reminding me to re-member and to be more aware in my daily life. Cherie

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