Whose Decision is it to Create the Body You Want?

Your Body Talks to YOU. Do you believe that your body has something to say?

Of course your body speaks. It is living and has many living and moving parts. Each part has a plan of its own and needs the right fuel for it to work optimally. So what are you feeding your body system?

I suggest for everyone to ease into a healthier eating lifestyle. Your body will let you know when changes need to be made with symptoms like bloating, indigestion, heart burn, low energy, sleeplessness, weight gain, foggy memory, anxiety, sadness, allergies, sensitivities, skin rash, nausea, vomiting, cramping, confusion, pain, etc.

Your food is your guide. After eating, you can check in on how you feel. If something seems off or you have any of the above symptoms, then change is in your hands by eating something healthier!  Ultimately it’s your decision on creating the body you want. Blessings to you always! Tina



Here is the info on my CD, I Decide and I Create the Body I Want:
Join Tina as she guides you through this empowering weight management hypnotherapy session, where you decide to create the body you want. Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight, this innovative program will help you let go of harmful behavior patterns at the subconscious level, where all healing takes place. By inviting your heart and spirit into your journey, Tina shows you that it’s not about the food but about the emotional connection you have with food. Guiding the power of your intention, Tina helps you get to the root of these patterns and permanently release them in the quest for your birthright: the body you deserve.  Click HERE for purchase details.

4 thoughts on “Whose Decision is it to Create the Body You Want?”

  1. Thank you again. As I said I work at a rehab center in CT and will use your knowledge and guidance with my jeorney and others. I lost alot in my life but know it was for a reason, am starting new life mentally and physically. Meditation and yoga have helped tremendously. Looked forward to hearing and learning more from you in futute.

    1. Thanks for listening John. I wish you all the blessings.
      Stay tuned for my upcoming free Tele-Class. You will get the info by signing up on my email list.

  2. You are amazing

    I look forward to buying your book.

    Bieng a recent widow my emotions are getting the best of me.Constant sadness,confusion, at times overeating etc.

    I keep myself occupied as much as possible and take refuge in the church and pray .

    Continue your good work.


    1. Emma…Thanks for listening to the radio show. I wish you all the blessings.
      Stay tuned for my upcoming free Tele-Class. You will get the info by signing up on my email list.

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