Tina’s Autumn Spice Protein Powder

An Awesome Tip for Protein Powders…MAKE YOUR OWN!

There are many protein powders out there however when you look at the ingredients there are either ingredients you can’t pronounce and never heard of and/or ingredients that are not healthy for you.  The search for the perfect protein powder was exhausting and still could not find one that was free of soy, dairy, sugar, corn, gluten, etc. That is why I developed my own. Feel free to change the combinations according to you likening. I hope I will inspire to modify or create your own. And of course please share your additions and/or creations. Enjoy!

Tina’s Autumn Spice Protein Powder

Buy all organic ingredients if possible. In food processor, process the following :

1 c. hemp protein

1/2 c. flax meal

1 T lucuma powder

1/2 t ginger powder

1/4 t nutmeg

1/2 t vanilla powder

1/2 t cinnamon

1/8 t stevia powder

After you process this in a food processor, be sure to store in a glass jar.  When you choose to use, put approx 3 1/2 T in a blender which is approximately equivalent to 15 g of protein (I use Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15g per serving), with fruit of your choice and enough liquid and ice to your thickness taste.

It’s exciting to create new recipes. I would love to hear about your creations. Namaste

SHOPPING SOURCES:  If you want to know where to purchase the above ingredients, go to “My Favorite Things” tab on my website and then click on FOOD.