St Anthony, A Powerful Ascended Master


St Anthony,

A Powerful Ascended Master

One of the most powerful ascended masters is St Anthony. I named my son after him. My pregnancy with Anthony was challenging (a very soft word for the intensity experienced) and St Anthony stood by me throughout the time. St Anthony kept informing me that it was going to be fine, I wouldn’t lose the baby and that the pain and struggles were temporary however needed the experiences for the transmission of energy that was coming through for me and my baby.

St Anthony was right. I arrived at the birthing center at 6am and Anthony was born in a birthing tub one hour later. I was home by 2:30pm. St Anthony is known as the miracle ascended master and specifically if you lose something, then he will help you find it. There needs to be an exchange of energy, i.e. like you will donate money in His name to his charity or another charity or pay it forward. Whatever the situation, St Anthony will help you find your well-being again.

I love you St Anthony. You rock!!!!

Do you have St Anthony stories? Huge or small, they are miracles.




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