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Sleepless in Studio City interviewed by Dr. Debzz (Debra Graff)  Click HERE   and go to 8/15/18 radio show date



George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM Radio Show: October 31, 2013

Tina Sacchi Storytelling: Tina shared a Halloween story on Ghost-to-Ghost theme show. If you don’t want to listen to the whole show, Tina’s story is at the end and begins at 35:16.  Click: Coast To Coast AM – Oct 31 2013


George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM Radio Show: June 4-5, 2013

Tina Sacchi was a solo guest for 2 hours.

First Hour Show: Discussion between George and Tina  click here

Second Hour Show: Q&A’s with Listeners  click here

Here are listeners’ feedback from this show:

Hi Tina, Loved the show on CC last night. I have been living the authentic life since I was diagnosed with MS 12/00. Of course had to go through a lot to get to where I am today lots of transitions. Today I live in a small town in the woods of n. calif and nature has been so important to my balancing, solitude and animals also so very important to me. Today i have a non profit called PACO’S PANTRY- I give out dog/cat food to the area’s seniors and low income families. Paco’s was my beloved dog who died in 06. He was my wayshower and our connection was so divine and such a gift. I am a gifted intuitive and use my gift to help others esp to bring them hope, I am a warrior for the light and despite ms my life is blessed. Would love to join spiritual community and grow even more. I am 59 . Blessings and joy, Linda


Dear Tina,
I want to thank you for saying God could be a “She” last night on Coast to Coast. I am a psychic, have been all my life, meditate and have had many varied experiences. I do not know anyone like me. I believe God is this great force which encompasses all things and is undefinable for me, but I cringe and honestly suffer hearing people in our patriarchal world refer to God as “Him,” “ the man upstairs,”  etc.  In truth, it hurts me. I was raised in a patriarchal Catholic family where I was disregarded and put down as opposed to the favored positions of my brothers and father.
Thanks so much for saying “She”- you are wonderful!!!
I want to buy your book and also one for my gay brother who was damaged by Catholicism.


Remember we are all part of a larger Team–one dedicated to assist others to understand who they are, why they are here, and not to be forced to comply with the bias and prescripts of organized religion! Blessings. Earl


I am a 65 yr. old male with a very diverse background including a graduate degree in science as well as being ordained a deacon by the Coptic Orthodox Church (although I am not an Egyptian).  I couldn’t sleep last night and so I turned on Coast to Coast radio and you ‘happened’ to be on.  There have been very few guest (on Coast to Coast) that I heard that I haven’t found some flaw in their presentation….but please allow me to tell you that I think you did a fantastic job.  You were charming, authentic, and just all around terrific. ….. Again, you were terrific….keep up the good work…..Joe S.


Tina, It was a touch of magic that I heard you on Coast To Coast last night. I needed that!  I will be moving into a deeper understanding soon of who I am.  Thank you for your works.


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Positive Perspective Radio, March 2015, Are You A Robotic or Soulful Entrepreneur? HERE


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Goldstein on Gelt Israeli Radio Show ( interview starts at 8:20min and ends at 18:20min) or                     you can listen on YouTube Click HERE

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Here are podcasts from Tina Sacchi’s radio show with celebrity guests: Living A Spiritual Life With Tina Sacchi