Have you made your New Year’s resolution like 71% of us?

71% of us have already made our resolutions according to the Huffington Post’s November 2014 survey.

 This is what Huffington Post said:

In October’s lifestyle magazine Psychologies questioned 2,000 people living in the U.K. about their New Year’s health resolutions, with most saying that plans were already set for January 1, 2014, WebMD UK reports.

Slightly more than half of the respondents (52 per cent) said that they will be focusing on weight loss, with 43 per cent saying they’ll be making changes to their general health. Eighteen per cent hope to boost their fitness, while 15 per cent want to curb stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

Still, participants face the prospects with a dose of reality: only 11 per cent thought that they’d actually stick with the health changes they were planning. While nearly a third of the respondents said that they’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, 68 per cent admitted to abandoning their plans in January.

According to a US survey released in January from research and consulting firm YouGov, 11 percent of Americans had already broken their resolutions just six days after New Year’s.

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