Happy February Everyone! How are you going to love yourself today?

Happy February everyone! 

This is a super sensitive month.  I’m very familiar with its vibrations since I was born in it.  Any thoughts or intentions that you put forth this month will be magnified creating a pathway for the future. So as you live through the month be mindful.  I hope you will carve out a wonderful pathway for yourself which will include all aspects from all your 6 senses adding all the details that will make your heart sing.

Also what is going to happen this month is that Mercury will be going into retrograde from 2/23 thru 3/17.  Which as we know, not a good time to make big decisions and sign contracts, etc. It’s a time to make sure that any communication that you are engaged in will be clearly spelled out. Back up your computers and anything else of importance. It is an awesome time to finish up on things that you’ve been wanting to complete. So let’s stop procrastinating from our spiritual purpose and  “GITRDONE!”
It’s also “love” month. I ask you that you love yourself more and more each day by expressing acts of kindness for you! Yes, YOU!  I always say when we heal ourselves, we heal the world around us. So let’s begin with ourselves.  Even if you begin this process with just a few minutes each day. The saying, “fake it until you make it”, can apply here if you’re having a difficult time loving yourself and putting yourself first.

Let’s connect with our dreams, wishes, and goals and put them on top of our list. How are you going to love yourself today?

Namaste and love,



PS: More on Mercury Retrograde from my previous blog post:  http://www.tinasacchi.com/what-is-all-the-fuss-about-mercury-retrograde/