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Date(s) - 03/10/17
All Day


Sedona Day Spiritual Retreat

Let’s Harvest Sacred Medicine Together

~A Divine Magical Retreat Day for replenishing.~


A Day of Nurturing, Cleansing and Replenishing with Spiritual Healer & Ceremonialist Tina Sacchi


Let’s nurture our 4 body system: physical, spirit, mental, and emotional

Give this day as a gift to YOU and create a positive, serene, healing vibration for yourself.

And let’s relax, cleanse, and replenish with the beautiful energy of Sedona.

Friday, March 10, 2017 

An Enlightenment Journey To Sedona with Holistic & Spiritual Author and Leader,  Tina Sacchi

 Out of town visitors welcome. Tina will help you create a tailored visit with personal sessions.sedona

This is a picture of a Sedona day retreat which was trans-formative, enlightening and fun and we want to do it again!!

On our next trip, we are going to visit sacred spots cleansing and replenishing throughout the day. Tina will lead you through various techniques and will sprinkle spiritual activities throughout the day and provide you with the tools and supplies to do so.  You will go home with your own vibration of serenity to continue the serenity process on your own.

This will be a day of self discovery, ancient cultures, and earth wisdom. Each person’s decision to participate is a gift to us all. The day off that you will allow and gift yourself will benefit you and others. I always say, when you heal yourself, you heal your world.   When one comes to sing, dance and be in ceremony, it is no small thing. The people will feel it. The Earth and our Ancestors will respond. Ceremony and like-minded gatherings allow you to create change at the level of the soul. This is a spiritually driven day so being spontaneous, open, and flexible are key ingredients to be in the moment.  If it rains or things change, we have alternate plans. No refunds.  So let’s go with our spirit!


This is all spiritually driven, so allow Tina to guide you. You just need to show up and be present with your open, flexible, and spontaneous self. $177 an invaluable investment for a transformative time. If you prepay by February 17, it will be $144. This is a small, intimate group.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal: or Cash delivered in-person, checks mailed to: PO Box 12333, Glendale, AZ 85308 or  credit cards (MC/V/AMEX/DC) also accepted by calling 623-261-6167. The fee will cover energy exchange with Tina plus each individual supplies so all fees are non-refundable.  See checklist below for things you can bring.

Checklist: What to bring?

  • Small day pack or back pack works better than a purse if you have one.
  • Sack lunch
  • Healthy snack to share with others
  • Bottled water for the day
  • Hat/Sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A towel or light blanket to sit on
  • hiking shoes
  • walking stick (optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • layers of clothing
  • Journal and pen/Optional
  • Camera/Optional
  • Any special crystals you might want to bring along to store the energy and memory of this special journey/Optional
  • Flutes, drums, rattles, etc.

Option to drive with Tina depending on availability. First come, first serve. If not driving in Tina’s car, you are responsible for expenses such as National Forest parking fees and Red Rock Passes if applicable and gas. We will meet at I-17 and Happy Valley at 7:15 am and arriving back around 9:00pm or if you drive, you can come back whenever you want.  Meeting details will be provided upon payment. If you’re interested, email us at  or call Tina Sacchi at 623-261-6167. If you’re tingling all over and are already dreaming of this soothing and exuberant retreat, your spirit is probably longing for this…and is nudging you there…. are you listening?

Testimonials: Tina’s  healings, teachings, ceremonies, trips, and TSC groups are AMAZING…so to be able to spend four days with Tina and participants in another beautiful location is priceless! In my opinion, when you arrive to Mt. Shasta…it feels like you’ve walked into another dimension highly vibrational and positive. And the scenery itself is just worth the trip! So hop that fence and come along!  ~Catherine B


“Your energy is magic, I felt very comfortable. Thank you again.” ~Tere


   Wow!  Thank you for putting together an amazingly wonderful Spiritual Retreat in Sedona.  I have no words for the powerful healing and beauty that I experienced this past weekend.  It was such a beautiful and magical place and you created a very special spiritual sacred energy.  Thank you, Tina.  You are a Beautiful Light! 🙂 Whale Love and Beauty, Ken 🙂


Words can hardly do justice to the Sanctuary of light and unconditional love that fills the space that Tina is the guardian of. We have all given of our hearts, our souls and our tears in this holy place. I believe that on trips and retreats this sanctuary comes with us, like the pyramid over us, protecting us. Tina has gifted us all with the gift of peace and a safe place to land. Namaste to all who have had the courage to show up. ~PalaPala


All fees are non-refundable. If weather or other acts of God do not permit us to go up to Sedona, we will convene at Tina’s.