Create Your Toolbag for Change!

Create Your Toolbag for Change!

Many of us are experiencing great changes in our lives.  As we shift negativity out of our world, many emotions come to the surface for clearing and releasing.  The world is shifting, and while we’re seeing great changes in our political and financial systems especially, we are also experiencing great transformation of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Since changes are inevitable, let’s embrace changes and have the intention to move forward. As we shift negativity out of our world, many emotions come to the surface for clearing and releasing.

How do you get through great life shifts with grace and ease?

I recommend to my clients to create a personal Toolbag for change.  In this toolbag, you can start creating a list of all the tools that can help you remained centered, grounded, and balanced, in the midst of great change. You can maintain inner peace and well-being by simply using the tools in your toolbag.

Below is a list of some of the tools that can be part of your toolbag. You can add your own tools to this list since options are endless.

Laughter: Go online and search for jokes and have a few chuckles. Listen to comedy or watch a funny movie. Laughter is known to strengthen the immune system, boost energy, diminish pain, and alleviate stress. Laughter is fun and free.

Service/Volunteer: I truly believe that change becomes so powerful for us when we create love by assisting others. Try it out for yourself and see how this will improve your life. Gratification is at its best when you make someone smile from the inside, out.

Reach Out:  Sometimes we just don’t have the extra energy to get going or move forward. Feel free to reach out and ask for help. You may connect with someone who also wants to make changes and as a result, create a wonderful friendship connection.

Meditation and self-hypnosis: A few minutes to quiet your mind is a great way to de-stress and unwind.

Breathing: Oxygen is truly the gift of life. Breathe in, hold, and exhale. Spend time breathing with conscious effort. It has a very soothing and relaxing effect on mind, body, and spirit. Many people are shallow breathers and rarely take the time to deep-breathe.

Music: Listening to soothing music really does “soothe the beast.” It can help you bring down your anxiety from a 10 to a zero in just a few minutes.

Singing: Find your inner voice. That place where your spirit dwells. Sing alone or with others. Just sing! Express yourself using the power of your voice. Even if it’s only in the shower…sing!

Chanting: Chanting is a wonderful way to focus your attention on something other than the stress and the “problems.” You can just say, “Ah” or “Om” repeatedly to turn down the stress dial.

Sleep: Sometimes, the only way to recover from traumatic change is to sleep. The body enters into a deep healing state when you are sleeping and all your cells are restored. Oftentimes, we see sleep as “a negative,” when, in fact, a catnap can be the best strategy for easing unruly emotions.

Movement:  Some people call it exercise; I prefer to call it movement. Shake your body by dancing. Move your legs in your chair at work. Stretch your arms straight up in the air. Movement can be quick and easy and can restore your senses fast. Try yoga, accomplishing both, meditation and movement at the same time!

Nature outings: Whenever you are overwhelmed, nature may be the best remedy. Allow yourself to escape by going on a hike or nature walk or taking a road trip to “get away.” Connect with the animals, the stars, the sun, the moon, and the plants, and listen to the messages they can offer you.

Purified water: Often, when we’re going through great shifts, we forget to drink water. We are 70 percent water, and water is a conduit for life. Sometimes, stress can be aggravated by dehydration. A glass of water may relieve many physical and emotional symptoms.

Herbal tea: Sometimes, taking a break and drinking a cup of warm tea is the best policy for restoring balance. Drink non-caffeinated, organic herbal tea, preferably.

Technology-free moments: Yes, you can do it. Turn off the cell phone, log out of Facebook and email, turn off the computer, and reduce the over-stimulation caused by too much information (and even the radiation beaming down at you from the satellites high above!)

Organic, raw, whole foods: A raw snack will do wonders to ease your spirit.  Snack on any food your heart desires, even some organic dark chocolate!

Claim your space: There are times when the only way to achieve balance and harmony is to remove yourself completely from an environment. Claim your space! Let everyone know you’re going to your own zone and will be back in a little bit. Set up a personal altar where you can retreat and meditate and relax. Or, if at work, you can take a lunch break or a restroom break; go wherever you need to go to reduce the over-stimulation and to rebalance.

Prayers: Put the power of prayer in your toolbag. Start a journal and write down powerful prayers that you can refer to on a daily basis whenever you feel unbalanced in mind, body, emotion, or spirit. Include descriptions of your guides, angels, and light beings.

Guides, angels, and light beings: Make sure to include your guides, angels, and light beings in your toolbag, so you can call upon them at a moment’s notice for help and guidance.

Pets: Our unconditional loving companions live in the present moment. They live from one moment to another. Spend time with them, loving them and they will return the love tenfold. And you will experience it all in present time.

Incense, Essential Oils, etc.: Natural fragrances are instant energy shifters. Add the scents you adore to your environment. It will soothe your soul!

Other items: Add whatever you desire to your toolbag that will relieve your stress and keep you grounded, protected, centered, and relaxed, despite the world’s happenings.

Keep your Toolbag of Change in a handy place, so you can refer to it and use your tools at a moment’s notice. Your tools in your toolbag will help you navigate through the many changes with perfect grace and ease.