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Any of these classes can be taught individually or in private groups. Businesses welcome. If you create a
group, Tina can create a tailored topic and come to you to teach a class, seminar, or workshop…anywhere
around the world.

Are You a Robotic or a Soulful Traveler?

A recent interview:


Are You a Robotic or a Soulful Entrepreneur?

A robotic-minded business, is a business that makes money at any cost regardless. If one is soulful-minded then a IMG_5802 cropbusiness will provide service in an sustainable and ethical manner with a vision not only fulfilling the needs for the business but also for others and moreover for the world.  There is a rise in young adults who are embracing the soulful approach.

A recent interview:


According to the huffington post, one in five adults are moving toward a soulful trend. This constitutes at least 20% of the population and 30% are under 30 years old. So what does this mean? Young adults fall into the 30% category which is a huge portion of the population. Businesses need to be more soulful-minded to accommodate this lifestyle. Moreover they want to live with the power of their AUTHENTIC selves.  There are many soulful companies out there that are making a difference like Google who are committed to their employees and community,  Zappos who one of their core values is to create a positive environment and family spirit, HARPO or namely Oprah who calls her viewers Super Soulers and she connects with them from her OWN network through various TV programs like Super Soul Sunday.

Being Authentic. That word gets said so many times when speaking about how people put themselves out in public. Does their public life mesh with their private life. Or, are they two different people. As entrepreneurs we are asked each day to represent our businesses and our lives and sometimes the two come into conflict. If one chooses a soulful path, these entrepreneurs can connect and lead with their soul to create amazing business and lives that reflect their authentic selves for the highest good of all.

Tina I would love to champion and explore along with your company, this cutting edge topic of business and positive spirit uniting together to create a better world for all.


Creating Sacred Ceremony and Rituals for Healing, Health, and Blessings

IMG_5958One of the most satisfying, fulfilling, and heartfelt actions we can take is to create ceremonies and rituals in our lives celebrating various milestones, accomplishments, and changes. Creating your own ceremonies and rituals allows you to nourish your spirit and life. Whether honoring seasons, moon cycles, endings or beginnings, celebrations feed our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this workshop, you will be given examples and tools to develop your own ceremonies and rituals. Workshop bonus: You will be participating in a ceremony with other participants led by ceremonialist, spiritual guide and teacher, Tina Sacchi.

Why we are here!
We are awakening and evolving in this magical time of transformation.

A Workshop Highlight: Harmonizing Ascension Ceremony

Every 26,000 years, the Universe aligns itself. And coincidently, did we just happen to incarnate at this specific time? Not! This is a time when the Galactic Sun becomes aligned with Mother Earth and other dimensions gifting us the opportunity to embody higher vibrations. To unplug from the old systems so we can rewire and plug into entirely new systems of being. The choice of course is yours. Discover what we need to do to connect with the miracles in 2012 and beyond. Let’s create a foundation for ourselves and the world around us. Lots of change is here, a significant spiritual revolution! This is the time our spirit has been waiting for!

Harmonizing Ascension Ceremony

Led by ceremonialist, shaman & spiritual guide, Tina Sacchi, a Harmonizing Ascension Ceremony to release, resolve and heal the past in order to integrate the 2012 spiritual shift in consciousness and ascend to higher vibrations, creating a pathway to our best and highest self. Everyone is welcome to bring special articles for blessings. All attendees will receive a blessed spiritual keepsake, which will contain
harmonizing energies imbued from the ceremony.
Some of the many questions to be answered and incorporated into the ceremony:

  • How can we evolve in this magical time of transformation?
  • What are the meanings of current events, and the personal and spiritual transformations that are
  • How to create your own internal peace to easily vibrate with all of the changes?
  • How to raise your vibration enough to receive healings and transmute all the sickness and suffering in your being?
  • How Father Sun and Mother Earth can help us with our Ascension process?
  • How can we clear our karma so that we can Ascend?
  • How sacred love can open our hearts to the love of the Star beings and the Universe?
  • How to make a difference for yourself, globally, and universally?

How to Sleep, Sleep, Sleep Soundly Now

Tina Sacchi has helped many people with sleeping problems, including insomnia. She also suffered from various forms of sleeping issues. Based on her own personal and clientsf experiences, Tina will hand out and discuss her checklist, Preparing to Sleep and will guide you through a hypnotherapy/hypnosis session, I Sleep, Sleep, Sleep Soundly Now, to help you release issues at the root and replace them with tranquil, peaceful, and healthy sleep. Letfs all look forward to sleeping soundly each night. It is our
birthright to get rest and be healthy. Letfs sleep on it!


Outstanding & Dramatic Detox and Weight Loss While Eating Food!






If you’re a busy person looking for easy to follow steps to cleanse and detox your body with easy to follow steps from a Holistic & Spiritual Bestselling author and teacher, read on! Tina has something super exciting right here for you…


The Food Cleansing and Detox program incorporating the 4-body system.





Simple Steps to Food Cleansing and Detox with Simple to Follow Steps and Lose Weight as a Side Benefit!


Discover my DETOX formula using foods you can buy in the grocery store!  Learn the exact steps to take to detox and cleanse your physical body by eating food without starving and achieve many benefits like a cleaner body, obtain peace, happiness, confidence, overwhelming relief, etc.  Go from unconsciously eating to mindfully eating and paying attention to what foods your body needs. Your body will tell you when you are detoxed and cleansed.



* How to change your limiting beliefs and behaviors and connect with your body and be at peace and be able to enjoy life and all blessings around you?


*The #1 thing you absolutely must do to make a difference in your life NOW.  Whether you want to lose those pesky 10 lbs or more.


*The exact steps that I use and support my clients in using to prove why Detoxing and Cleansing You is the only tried-and-tested way that makes this a success so that  you and your loved ones be at peace, enjoy life and connect with your blessings!


*How you can use our time together as a launch pad to your next detox and cleansing time an altering leap!
And as you’ve come to expect from my work, there is much, much more to learn


Look, I’ve tried LOTS of different cleansing and detox formula. But hands down, the BEST strategy I’ve used to change myself and clients all at the same time has been getting to the core…getting to the root.

A tailored program will be designed for you and/or your group.


Communicating & Connecting with Your Spiritual Guides, Angels & Loved Ones

Discover an empowering connection with Our Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, and Light Beings via a guided imagery meditation. Treat yourself to a beautiful journey with your Divine support team to their Light Circle and the Divine Waterfall for a special visit to cleanse your spirit and restore feelings of peace, relaxation, and serenity where you connect in your own perfect way. Enjoy beautiful music, a relaxing and powerful meditation from a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts. Enjoy BEING in the Light!

Alternative Healing Techniques

Curious about alternative ways to heal yourself? Although traditional medicine can be beneficial, it is not always the complete answer. Learn about the mind-body-spirit connection to healing and how you can use alternative therapies to heal yourself. People have discovered how invaluable alternative healing and natural therapies can becyou can too. Tina will provide an overview of several therapies and their applications including Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, etc. Contact Tina for more information.

Creating Your Future

Get your life going in a new and improved direction by connecting with the creative source, aligning heart and mind, and learning to achieve focus on who you want to be. We will learn to use meditation and visualization methods to create the future you desire.

Dowsing With Your Sixth Sense

Dowsing is a skill that anyone can learn. Itfs the process of using a tool such as a pendulum, rod, or even your keys or necklace to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses. It allows us to access information not available to our senses through contact with our subconscious mind. It’s fine tuning your 6th sense, your intuition. It is a term that in the past has been associated primarily with the finding of water sources. Modern dowsers, or diviners as they are sometimes known as, dowse for oil & gas, minerals, water, lost objects, and lost people to name just a few. A pendulum can also be used to determine one’s state of health and whether particular medicines, supplements, food, etc should be taken. One can also dowse for health-care services, identify environmental stressors, find or create healing spaces, and locate a safe place to place our bed or working area. Itfs a great tool for self-healing that
anyone can use.

We will go over all the fundamentals and bring you to your next level of dowsing whether youfre a beginner or an advanced Dowser. Learn from a professional Dowser…Tina Sacchi. Pendulums available for practice and for purchase.

Past and Future Lives Exploration with Tina Sacchi

Gifts and talents from another time that you can use nowc

  • Have you ever wondered why certain things are easier to learn than others?
  • Why you have instinctive knowledge on certain subjects, tasks or activities?
  • How come you are drawn to certain cultures, beliefs and traditions and some places and things feel off
  • Why you are drawn to some people and not others?
  • Why you have certain fears?

Learn how your gifts & talents from another time will enhance your life now, how you may benefit from a regression, and connecting with your future self so that you make your present self powerful. You will be given an opportunity to experience yourself from a different time and space through various activities presented including a group hypnotherapy session!

Energy and Reiki Share

Come and meet new people, practice your reiki and energy skills, and receive REIKI and energy healing. All in one place! If you’re new to this and are curious, please come…this is open to all. You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to attend.

Guided Imagery Meditation

Meditation workshops are active sessions in which all participants are guided through meditation(s) focused on creating whatever the individual or group chooses. A relaxed atmosphere exists. Basic meditation tools such as grounding and being centered are featured. Suggested meditation topics include: serenity, abundance, peace, love, health, clarity, stress relief, balance, achieving goals, etc.

Healing Sessions Series

Are you ready to let go of limitations and beliefs? Are you ready to finally release your restrictive behaviors? Tina will facilitate group healing sessions in this series of workshops. A different technique will be used each evening to release, resolve and heal … such as group hypnotherapy, sound healing therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), crystal therapy, meditation, etc. We will peel off negative limitations and beliefs one layer at a time… in a fun way!

Holistic Weight Management

Curious about why you keep on eating those cookies and chocolates even when you know you shouldn’t? Why you cannot stop at just a handful of chips? And tired of all those different diets? We all have the innate power to heal ourselves. Americans are now aware of the mind-body-spiritemotional connection to healing. Topics of discussion will include: Reiki Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (“tapping” on your meridians), Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, diets, Meditation, Dowsing, etc. By tuning into yourself, you will discover why you eat and learn how to release your attachment to unhealthy foods. This class will end with a relaxing hypnotherapy session.

Past Life Exploration

We’ll discuss reincarnation and past lives. Information from the past can help you better understand your purpose in the present. Who you have been in the past and how does karma affect you in your current incarnation? How do soul mates re-connect from past life relationships? We will learn how techniques such as meditation, hypnotherapy, psychic reading, and dream journaling open the door to past life experiences. This is a discussion-based workshop so come prepared with your questions and your

Past Life Regression Class

Reincarnation and past lives are discussed. Information from the past can help you better understand your purpose in the present. Who you have been in the past and how does karma affect you in your current incarnation? How do soul mates re-connect from past life relationships? Many physical, spiritual and/or psychological issues may result from a trauma or memory that a person had experienced in another time and space. These are buried deep within the subconscious. Learn how techniques such as regression therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, psychic reading, and dream journaling open the door to past life experiences. You will be given an opportunity to experience a regression through a group hypnotherapy session in this class!

Reiki, An Enlightened Experience

Reiki (pronounced ray key) is an energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing using universal life force energy. Learning Reiki or receiving Reiki is a step toward being proactive (preventive) in your healing process. Reiki is administered by laying on hands (touch therapy), connecting with a person’s energy points or chakras. The act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is to put their hands on it. When a child falls and scrapes her knee, she wants her mother to touch it (or kiss it) and make it better. Human touch conveys healing. In Reiki 1 you receive an attunement from Reiki Master Tina G. Sacchi. Reiki 1 heals physical level diseases in the person who receives it. Reiki 1 healing sessions are primarily for self-healing. The Reiki 1 healer can also do healing for someone else who is physically present. In Reiki 2, you receive an attunement. Reiki 2 attunement increases the amount of healing energy. It adds considerable power to direct sessions. It also adds the methods and tools for doing healing with someone who is not physically present–distance healing.

Reiki 3 is the Master/Teacher degree and you also receive an attunement. A Master is simply a teacher, one who has mastered the discipline. No ego or ownership is involved in this term. The Reiki 3 practitioner experiences a further increase in the ability to channel healing energy. This energy is pure joy, oneness with all life, and connection with your God/Higher Power. It’s a way to work with your Higher Power. It’s an enlightening teamwork experience.  

Yoga Reiki Teachers! Let Tina train you to combine these two powerful modalities.

Yoga and Reiki are complementary and one can achieve an ultimate experience and transformation. It’s a wonderful marriage of two of the most ancient medicine tools. An empowerment experience with Star Reiki attunements and all guided by Tina Sacchi.   This is ideal for Yoga teachers who want to take their practice to the next level with Universal Life Force energy.

Tina’s Spiritual Circle (TSC)

The TSCs is a welcoming and relaxed group of individuals. We will conduct healing sessions—on ourselves & the the planet, healing ceremonies, clearings, changing vibrations and whatever else we’re guided to do. Tina will also conduct long distance healings on behalf of each participant and the TSC group throughout the series in addition to the meeting dates.

Are you ready to elevate your vibration and connect with your own guidance? Anyone who has a desire to live a more spirited life and who wants to incorporate spirituality living into their daily routine is welcome to attend. We will elevate our vibration and connect with your Higher Self via various psychic games & activities. These classes are for spirituality support and intuitive development/advancement. Laughing
and having fun is a must!

Sound Healing Experience

Sound and music are used in various types of healing and rituals. Discover how sound influences our physiological systems and how you can use sound to heal. This powerful and healing class will include music, meditation, sacred dance, singing bowls, tuning forks, toning, chanting, body drumming, shamanic journeying, chakra balancing, and more. You will leave this class feeling connected, centered, focused and refreshed.

The Shaman Way

Discover your energy healing the shaman way. The way of the Shaman is the path of connecting directly with the forces of the Great Spirit, connecting with various Light helpers. Miracles become ordinary. Tina is a Shaman from a Peruvian lineage. You will learn the importance and how to open sacred space, call the helpers from all cardinal directions, learn about the various helpers-the Light beings-who can guide
and assist us, etc. We will also journey to meet one or more of these Light helpers, how to connect with them, etc. And more…

Weight Management With Hypnotherapy Series

With Hypnotherapy, you allow your subconscious mind to release, resolve and heal weight issues. It’s not about the food; it’s about eating behaviors we’ve learned in the past that dictate the way we deal with our life and stuff our emotions with food. We eat when we’re nervous, bored, stressed, hyperactive, sad, lonely, frustrated, anxious, afraid, even when we’re happy. Learn how cutting the cords to food through hypnosis will relieve us from these ties as well as release the weight. Topics of discussion will include: Reiki Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (“tapping” on your meridians), Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, diets, Meditation, Dowsing, etc. By tuning within, you will discover why you eat and learn how to release your attachment to unhealthy foods. A hypnotherapy session will be included in each class so you can release, resolve and heal emotional issues related to food on a subconscious level.