Book: MySpiritIsNotReligious

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Millions of people today experience guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, depression, or similarly disempowering emotions as a result of their indoctrination into organized religion and more individuals are leaving the faith they were born into and identifying themselves as spiritual rather than religious. My Spirit Is Not Religious:  A Guide to Living YOUR Authentic Life, will help you eliminate emotional obstacles while providing guidelines for living a heartfelt spiritual life via lessons delivered from personal experiences — Tina Sacchi’s as well as those of her many clients and students. The intention is not to dismiss all organized religions, but to guide those for whom they no longer work and laying the groundwork for overcoming guilt, shame, loneliness, blame, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, and confusion.  Whether you have a background in religion or not, this book will guide you to living YOUR authentic life.

Tina Sacchi is a holistic & spiritual author, speaker, and teacher, born and raised in a close-knit New York City neighborhood. She attended religious schools from first grade through college, living a sheltered life in a strict religious and ethnic environment for years. Through her work, which includes private sessions, classes, retreats, workshops, expos, and radio shows, she has coached tens of thousands of individuals, helping them emerge from their spiritual “closets” to make a smooth transition to their spiritual calling. She is also the creator of a series of highly successful meditation and hypnotherapy CDs that have consistently remained on Amazon bestseller lists in their categories. She is an ongoing writer for various publications and is a radio personality, hosting her own program, Living a Spiritual Life with Tina Sacchi

Some FACTS about SBNRs:

  • Oprah calls her viewers, “Super Soulers,” and she connects with them from her OWN network, specifically through her Super Soul Sunday TV show. SBNR which means Spiritual But Not Religious, is Oprah’s way of life and a growing lifestyle to many and Oprah is the most prominent voice for the spiritual way of life!
  • According to the Huffington Post, one in five adults have no religion, and this trend is on a rise. People are moving toward the SBNR trend, which constitute at least 20% of the population, and 30% are under 30 years of age.
  • According to Gallup Poll published on May 29, 2013, over three-quarters of Americans (77%) say religion is losing its influence on American life.
  • Some people may attend church, temple, or mosque…others practice spirituality differently.
  • According to the “Father of Motivation”, Dr Wayne Dyer, “Spirituality is about connecting with a Higher Consciousness. It doesn’t matter how you get there. It’s having the intention to connect there.”



“My Spirit Is Not Religious can help you heal yourself, your family, friends, clients, community, and the entire planet. I have never seen a more complete SBNR writing. Whether you have religious experience or not, this book will help you live YOUR authentic life.” –Stephanie Adams


Through this book, “Tina provides practical lessons for those seeking to live a heartfelt spiritual life based on her own personal experiences and those of her many clients and students. Rather than simply dismissing the value of organized religion, this book offers guidance to those for whom organized religion no longer works and lays the groundwork for overcoming common emotional obstacles such as guilt, shame, loneliness, blame, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, and confusion.”
  Dr. Earl Blackman


“Having come from a Catholic upbringing and believing, I, too, were to become a nun and then having my jewish mom teach all the tradition and culture alongside this I can readily relate to these issues. In fact, there was great animosity between my parents because of their cultural/religious upbringing until my father became president of a jewish firm on wall street. Oh, how money has swayed our very core!!!
I sincerely appreciate your authentic sharing and personal recollection of spiritual journey. Heartful expression all-ways cuts to the core. That is where we resonate and find our truths. You do this well. Grateful!
I know the need is in the world for the truths that you share. Especially, now, when religious sects are emerging in their falsity. Many people are experiencing shock and disappointment in the untruths be-ing unveiled. Many will be looking for the likes of the material that you share. It’s inevitable.
Your book is timely and divinely delivered. That truly can be felt.
I send you blessing and thanks and may this book generously flow to all that are seeking opportunities and growth on this magnificent spiritual journey!